Wednesday, 23 January 2019 New Africa TV, Amhara, New Africa TV Hausa, New Africa TV Swahili, New Af

Four new television channels have resumed transmission on Eshail 2 @ 25.8 degree East Ku band Middle East/North Africa beam with frequency 11350 H 30000. The channels include the following:
* New Africa TV Hausa
* New Africa TV Somali
* New Africa TV Swahili
* New Africa TV Amhara
A new television channel named Luck TV have resumed on Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East with frequency 12605 V 30000. Similarly, Galaxy TV have resumed transmission after a short break on Multi TV position.
Finally, three Pay TV channels are free on Europe giant Sky TV package on Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East Europe beam with frequency 12383 H 27500. The channels include the following:
* Food Network
* Travel Channel Plus
* Travel Channel
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